Our ministries work to serve the body of Christ. We offer Bible-based programs for young, old and all those in between as well as men's and women's Bible studies and prayer groups. We think it's important to help the Christian live a full and effective Christian life. Our goal is to help those who are hurting, instruct those who are learning and nourish those who are growing with the Word of God. If you don't see a ministry you are looking for here please feel free to call us for more information at 508-673-5535 or e-mail us at

Third Baptist Church Christian School


Third Baptist Church Christian School saturates everything we teach with a Biblical perspective. It is of the utmost importance to us that the children learn from a Christian world view. Their core curriculum is from Abeka books, but we enhance it with supplemental material and practical, hands-on activities, to ensure that the children get a well rounded learning experience. We believe that it is of supreme importance that our children be academically prepared when they leave our school; as well as helping them to develop and maintain a strong spiritual foundation that they can take with them as they enter into the next phase of their educational and life experiences.

We offer classes in grades K through 8.

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508-673-5535 or e-mail us at

Counseling Ministry

Pastor Fred

Bible based, Christian counseling that helps you find God's answers to issues Christians routinely face. Pastor Fred is a Certified NANC Counselor.


"The Bible has the answers to all of life's problems you just need to know where to look" - Pastor Fred

Call Pastor Fred to make an appointment at 508-673-5535 or e-mail him at

Counseling Hours: Mondays, Wednesdays and every other Saturday.

Third Baptist Church Celebrate Recovery


Celebrate Recovery group is run by Mike and Kim Soares who have  trained to be  facilitators for these meetings.

Join us: Meetings are on Tuesday nights here at Third Baptist Church. From 5:30-7:30pm For more details click here.

360 Teens


Our Youth Ministry meets Wednesdays 6:30pm-8:00pm. We call it 360 Teens.

360 Teens

"360 Teens is a group of teenagers who would consider ourselves seekers. We desire to seek the truth and discover our true purpose here on earth. Our goal is to experience Christ, not just learn about Him, by "practicing" His teachings, by living as He did, and meeting the needs of others in our community. We believe that Jesus has left us as the Salt and Light of the Earth. He left us with the Great Commission to go and tell the world about Him and His teachings. 360 Teens get together weekly and participate in exciting activities such as: games, contests, skits, Bible studies, and more. We are regular teenagers who probably struggle with the same things you do. We are not extraordinary, we are the kid next door that wants to see extraordinary things happen and realize it starts with us. We believe we can change the world around us, but without Christ its a hopeless, worthless task."

Join us: Sundays from 10am-11am, 6pm-7pm, and Wed 6pm-8:30pm If your between the ages of 13-17 your welcome to join us.