When you give your life to Christ you give up precious little and gain so very much. You enter into a whole new world of opportunity, peace, love and joy. You gain millions of brothers and sisters all united by their faith in Jesus. Living the Christian life is the most exciting choice you could make. The family at Third Baptist Church would like to share some of that excitement with you.

50 Plus for May 2010

This month's 50 Plus fellowship had a Polish theme. Great Polish food was on the menu and everyone was asked to ware their best Polish costume. By the looks of the smiling faces it's safe to say everyone had a great time. What could be more enjoyable than being with your brothers and sisters in Christ and sharing food and fellowship? Our next 50 Plus will be a Wild West theme. See Upcoming Events for details.

Pastor Fred

Some Polish music to set the mood. Name that tune!

Polish princess

What would Polish night be without the traditional Polish Princess?

Pastor George says grace

Giving thanks for the food.

The food line

Potato and cheese pierogi and kielbasa were served along with some excellent deserts.

Counting the votes

We all voted by secret ballot for the best Polish costume (?). Our Polish Princess counted the votes all of which were written in crayon.

Contest winner

And the winner is...

Jarred brings the word

Jarred brought the Word on living an effective Christian life. It was a timely message in the present age.