The Gospel Messengers

The Gospel Messengers came to inspire us with great music and their incredible testimony. From left to right: Daniel, Bart Dennis, and Carl.


Daniel is the youngest, and the shortest, but he doesn't hold back when it comes to singing the praises of Him who saved us.


The incredibly tight harmonies are the result of Carl who sings base and does all the arrangements.

Fruit cake

What good is having a little brother if you can't tease him about his littleness?

Pastor Fred

Daniel reminds us of our need for salvation.

Pastor Fred

Before there was Gospel music there were hymns. Bart leads the congregation in some of his favorites.

Pastor Fred

The Gospel Messengers have a national ministry. They travel all over America bringing their music and testimony to inspire Christians and reach the lost. To order their incredible music or just learn more about them visit their web site.