50 plus April 2011

Steve's baby picture

50 Plus kicked off for 2011 with a special theme: your memories captured in pictures. Some like Steve have been at the church for 30 years or more. Yep. That's him in the sink taking a bath. It was fun to share these pictures with the rest of the family at Third Baptist.

First group

It's amazing how many people have been part of the family at our church. Here is just a sample of some. Wedding pictures, baby pictures and pictures of friends who have gone on to pastor their own churches are reminders of just how much God has done through our humble church.


Food is always part of good fellowship. This time we had incredible, gourmet meat loaf.

Mrs. Borden

This picture won first prize. It is a picture of Mrs. Borden and a friend. The picture was taken more than 30 years ago. They are actually sitting on the front steps of the old church building which still stands today and houses the school.

Pastor George and Susan

it was great to share some of the memories and to see how people have changed over the years. The handsome gentleman on the left is Pastor George. The lovely lady next to him is his wife Susan.

Steve with prize

Prizes were given for the oldest and most interesting pictures. Steve got runner up for his bath time picture. He chose a "grate" gift.

Steve and Laura
Steve and Steve

We had a quick game of Bible Trivia with some tough questions like "Which book of the Bible never mentions God?" Steve and Laura wrote the questions and refereed the quiz.

Steve sings

Steve closed out the fellowship with the singing of a few hymns. We look back at the decades with fondness and nostalgia. We look forward with hope and joy that God will continue to use us for His good purposes. Please consider joining us at our next 50 Plus fellowship. Check out upcoming events for the time and place.