Easter 2011

evert on the warf

Every year we celebrate the greatest event in human history: the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. This one act of God's mercy has changed the direction of the human race forever. Our celebration begins with a sunrise service at Heritage State Park. As you can see, the sun didn't rise as we celebrated the risen Son.

First group

In spite of the foggy weather we had a good turnout. In the spirit of the day some wore their favorite resurrection ties. The damp weather didn't dampen anyone's spirits. One of the added bonuses of a sunrise service is that you get to bring Dunkin Donuts coffee to sip while you listen to the message.

Pastor Rich and son

Pastor Rich brought the future assistant pastor of the Deo household. That's Pastor Rich on the right.

Pastor Rich

Pastor Rich gave the message. It's all about willingness to accept the gift of salvation and following Jesus.


After the sun rise service we all gathered for a great breakfast of eggs, sausage, and toast. Mike, top left, was the master chef who cooked several dozen eggs. The family at Third Baptist enjoyed the food, but they enjoyed the fellowship even more.

The baptism

We started our church service with a baptism. This is always a moment to rejoice because it means another person has made the commitment to follow Christ.

Russle and family

Russel and his family are regular attenders. This time Russel brought his daughter who is visiting for the holiday. He proudly wares his Marine Blues. It's a good reminder for us to pray regularly for all those in uniform as they defend our country.

The music

After breakfast we enjoyed our Resurrection Sunday Cantata. The choir was in good voice as they proclaimed the many blessing we have received because Jesus rose on the third day.

The church

During the Cantata Ed Snow gave the invitation. By the grace of God four people raised their hands to accept Jesus. We rejoice with Heaven for those who turned to our Savior today. We hope you will join us next year on Resurrection Sunday. In the mean time, please come and visit us.