50 Pluse May 2011

Roller skates

50 Plus had a nostalgia theme this month. We took a look back at the days of a Southeastern Massachusetts landmark called Lincoln Park. Most people over 50 will remember riding the rides and enjoying the amusements at this famous park. Many a family spent a Sunday afternoon there enjoying their delicious clam bakes and roller skating.

Old photo
Old photo

Some of those who came to the fellowship brought some incredible photos to share. Lincoln Park had an elaborate miniature golf course as well as rides. Hey. I remember riding on those little cars.

Clam cakes
Food and people

Since Lincoln Park was a proud New England amusement park it was traditional to serve great New England food. In this case it was hot dogs, clam cakes, and chowder.


After the food and fellowship, we were treated to short documentary history of Lincoln Park. Needless to say it brought back memories. The park may be gone, but the memories will live on forever. Please plan to join us in June for our next 50 Plus. In the mean time, please come and visit us.