50 Plus 2011

Menu board

Our monthly 50 Plus fellowship is always coming up with new and innovative ways to have fun. This month we took advantage of all the great cooks here at Third Baptist Church and gave them a chance to show off their pie making skills.


As you can see we had lots of pies. These were brought in from the local bakery for the main meal of the day. We had meat, chicken and salmon pies. My favorite? All of them. So often we take for granted the abundance that God has blessed us with.

Laura and the pies

Laura is the brains behind our 50 Plus ministry. Here she gets the pies ready for the judge (a very blessed individual) to start sampling them. Among the contestants were a tart rhubarb pie, a rich chocolate cream, a strawberry short cake and a yummy coconut cream.

The judge

Our judge enthusiastically sampled each pie and pondered carefully the taste of each mouthful. In fact Mike is the judge for most of our food contests because of his own amazing skill in the kitchen. My only question is: how does he stay so thin?

the winner

After serious consideration, this beauty won first place. It'S an incredible coconut cream pie made by Mrs. Borden. It had just the right blend of coconut and cream and a light flaky crust. Are you drooling yet?

Pastor Fred

But the 50 Plus fellowships are not just about food. They are about gathering together and looking at how great is our Salvation. Pastor Fred got up and gave a short but very powerful message on the difference between being a Christian and being a true disciple of Christ. He challenged us to follow Jesus more closely in our daily walk. Everyone was captivated by his words and hopefully they were inspired to go the extra mile with Jesus.

Please join us for our next 50 Plus fellowship in July.