50 Plus September 2011

the group

This month the 50 Plus members of the family at Third Baptist Church got together for some food and fellowship. It was good to be back as last month's 50 Plus had been canceled because of hurricane Irene. We all survived the storm and had some stories to tell about downed trees and power outages. Thankfully, everybody was OK.


Steve led the fellowship with a quick devotional on obeying God when we know it's God's will. Too often we try to negotiate with God and second guess Him. It's better to just trust and obey.

Laura and the pies

Yep. It's food. What would the fellowship be without it?

The crowd

This month we had a special guest. It was....Pastor Fred's long lost..."sister." It appears she has spent way too much time at the "All-you-can-eat Buffet Express".

The crowd

After the food, we got into our first round of "Fact or Fiction." The game is simple. Steve reads a statement and then asks, "Is it fact or fiction?" People in the audience would shout out their answers and Laura...I mean...Pastor Fred's sister would pick 2 people as contestants. Did you know that mustard does not contain an ingredient that prevents cancer?

The crowd

There were plenty of prizes and plenty of winners. Ray proudly picks his favorite gift - a scented candle. It seems that every month there's a coveted "Snuggie" prize and this month Freddie took it home. Somehow I think it will end up as a prize again next month. Hmmmmmmmmmmm....

The crowd

Pastor Fred seemed to come up with most of the right answers. He also came up with the "Freddie Dance." He danced like David danced except he did it before the prize table. Who says Baptists are boring?

The final prize

Everyone wondered what was in the big pink box. It was the final prize. The person who won the most prizes during the game could keep all their prizes or give away them away and for what was in the big pink box. This turned out to be a lesson in "bigger is not always better" for our unlucky winner. She picked the big pink box and all she got was a piece of paper saying "Sorry! Maybe next time!!" She was a good sport about it though and got to keep some of her prizes.

We hope you can join us for our next 50 Plus in October.