50 Plus November 2011

the group

This month the 50 Plus members of the family at Third Baptist Church got together to celebrate our "10th birthday". Some of us dressed the part even bringing some of their toys. Hmmmmm....they don't look a day over 10-years-old.


What would a 50 Plus fellowship be without great food? This time we all brought in a dish to share. As you can see there was plenty of good food including, chilli, baked beans and potato salad.

Jaun does the message

Juan preached out of 2 Kings about the dangers of chasing after false gods. It was his first time bringing the message and he did great.

Birthday cakes

Mike and Laura sang happy birthday for all of us. Not sure if the got all the candles to light. Hmmmmmm... At any rate the idea was for us to re-live our 10th birthday. I don't think there were this many people at my 10th now that I think about it.


The cake was delicious. Just ask Ray

Making a cake

A quest!!! It was time for the cake decorating contest to see who could make the most interesting looking cake from some cupcakes, icing and odds and ends. As you can see, the competition was fierce.


Juan took some mini cakes and lots of icing and made a replica of Third Baptist Church in a snow storm. Ray got into it and was quite pleased with his "marshmallow" wreath design.

Cakes 1
Cakes 2

As you can see there was a diverse collection of styles and techniques.

Thrid prize
Juan second prize
Dian and chair cake
Dian and chair cake

It was tough for the judges to decide which cakes were the most deserving. In the end Juan won the coveted "Snuggie" award for his church in a snow storm cake. Dian took first prize with her edible furniture cake. I truly believe if she had the time she could have done an entire living room set. Hey? Is that a Lay-z-boy?

Birthday cakes

This was one of our future cake artists displaying her creation. Hmmmmmm...I don't think she's over 50 yet.

This was our last 50 Plus fellowship for 2011. We will be starting up again in the Spring of 2012 so please plan to join us then. You can find out about other events and fellowship opportunities by visiting our Upcoming Events page.