Friends Dinner 2012

Dian and sister

After several days of Cottage Prayer meetings and handing out invitations to family and friends, we were expecting God to move in our community. We were praying to see a good turnout at our Friends Dinner. God didn't disappoint us.

Dan and mom

Dan helped his mom and the others get things ready.

Pastor Ed

Pastor Ed lead us in worship with a few great hymns.


We were treated to home made macaroni and meatballs and delicious garlic bread.

Pator Fred

Where have I seen this man before? "The Red pill or the blue pill?"


"You lookin' at me?"

Al and Donna

Albert and his wife Donna.

Pastor Fred and John

Pastor Fred greets an old friend.


Juan invited several members of his family.


After we ate, Wendell began preaching. Three people accepted Jesus that night. In all we had about 75 people attending. God does answer prayers. Don't ever stop believing, don't ever stop hoping, and don't ever stop praying.