When you give your life to Christ you give up precious little and gain so very much. You enter into a whole new world of opportunity, peace, love and joy. You gain millions of brothers and sisters all united by their faith in Jesus. Living the Christian life is the most exciting choice you could make. The family at Third Baptist Church would like to share some of that excitement with you.

50 Plus July 2010

The brothers and sisters of the family at Third Baptist Church who happened to be over the youthful age of 50 got together again in July for food, fun and fellowship. This time it was a British theme.

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth, is that you?


This time the food was a traditional British dish: Shepherd's pie. As an eye witness I can testify that it was jolly good.

Satisfide customers

Some satisfied customers. They're already dreaming of the next 50 Plus fellowship.

Giving out the prizes

This time the prizes were given out a little differently.

Looks like best costume to me

Look like best costume to me.

Best pastor

Pastor George won for being the best recovering pastor. He is doing fine. It seems he got a box of floppy disks as a prize. Wow. A collectors' item.

Yet another prize winner

Not sure about this prize winner. I think it was for best impersonation of the Queen at a church fellowship.

Steve eats

Steve took a little break from entertaining us with his world famous impersonation of the guy from the Six Flags commercial.

Fred speaks

Pastor Fred spoke about the great revival we had with visiting Pastor Joe Mallozi. We saw a great move of the Spirit with well over 20 people coming to the Lord during his visit. He prayed that the spirit of revival would continue on throughout the year. He then threatened to sing to us at which point people started leaving. Hopefully they will all be back for our next 50 Plus fellowship.