When you give your life to Christ you give up precious little and gain so very much. You enter into a whole new world of opportunity, peace, love and joy. You gain millions of brothers and sisters all united by their faith in Jesus. Living the Christian life is the most exciting choice you could make. The family at Third Baptist Church would like to share some of that excitement with you.

Baptism Night September, 2010

God has been moving in the past months and we have seen dozens of people come to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Several of those people stepped forward to follow Jesus through the waters of baptism and publicly declare their faith in Him.

Pastor Fred

Pastor Fred did the honors of baptizing 3 faithful Christians. He explains the meaning of baptism and that it is not needed for Salvation, but that it is an act of obedience and public devotion to Jesus.

Lee gets baptized

Pastor Fred gets ready to baptize Lee.

Fred and Sandi

Sandi proclaims her faith in Jesus.

Satisfide customers

You're never to young to accept Jesus and be baptized. Eva gets ready.