When you give your life to Christ you give up precious little and gain so very much. You enter into a whole new world of opportunity, peace, love and joy. You gain millions of brothers and sisters all united by their faith in Jesus. Living the Christian life is the most exciting choice you could make. The family at Third Baptist Church would like to share some of that excitement with you.

50 Plus for October, 2010

October's 50 Plus took an interesting twist. This month we held a talent show, but not the kind of talents you might think. Yes. There was singing, but there was so much more.

The food

First there was the food which included some home made lasagna and some truly wonderful deserts.


The deserts are where the talent show began. These Canollis were home made by Mike and his wife. They were submitted for our consideration as an example of Mike's incredible cooking talents. My stomach approved.


Juan gave us an animated rendition of Labamaba. All of us were moving to the music by the time Juan was done.

Talest person prize

Another talent that seems abundant at Third Baptist is quilting. These beautiful quilts are made by the ladies who are part of the Threads of Hope Ministry. Besides being beautiful, some of the quilts have a story behind them. The bottom quilt, created by Arlene, is based on historical tradition. It is a pattern that was used in the 1800s to send secret messages to escaped slaves traveling to freedom along the "Underground railroad." Slaves or sympathetic Southerners would lay the quilts out on the front fences to "air out" and based on the pattern on the quilt people would know if this was a safe house or if they should move on to another. Some quilts even had elaborate maps stitched into them.


How about some lovely paintings inspired by popular greeting cards?

Steve's shirt

After intense voting and tough competition, Steve's shirt got 2 write in votes. Not sure about what talent is involved, but the shirt was the brightest shirt at the fellowship.

Mike's prize
Mike's prize

Mike beat out all the other talented contestants and won the grand prize for his incredible Canollis.