When you give your life to Christ you give up precious little and gain so very much. You enter into a whole new world of opportunity, peace, love and joy. You gain millions of brothers and sisters all united by their faith in Jesus. Living the Christian life is the most exciting choice you could make. The family at Third Baptist Church would like to share some of that excitement with you.

50 Plus for November, 2010

As a change of pace, the 50 Plus for November group got together for breakfast. It was a great way to bring the season to a close. A good crowd came out in spite of the chill in the air.

The food

The 50 Plus ministry team made up of several ladies from the church worked hard to make the delicious food. This time it was the traditional breakfast of sausages, eggs, pancakes and bacon. Bacon!! Yummmm.

Laura and call to chow
Chow line

After saying grace, Laura called chow.

The crowd

It was an excellent way to spend a Saturday morning in November. 50 Plus will be ending for the Winter, but will resume again in April, 2011. In the mean time we will be having a coffee get together every Sunday at 5:00 PM just before the Sunday night 6:00 PM service. We would love to see you there. Many thanks to the 50 Plus ministry team for all their hard work. May the Lord richly bless all of them.